Sole Ownership Buildings

We take care of all matters involved in the management of leased building, with the objective of securing the highest rentals for our clients:

  • Rental of Flats
  • Rental of Commercial Premises and Warehouses
  • Rental of Offices
  • Rental of Parking Places
  • Lease and negotiation contracts and extensions
  • Guarantee deposits
  • Rental collection
  • Preparation of legal procedure and follow up
  • Increases and repercussions
  • Management of services and furnishings of property
  • Building maintenance; works and repairs

Communally Ownned Buildings

Administration of Communally owned buildings: we manage all matters relating to the above, with the aim to facilitate the smooth running of the property:

  • Administration: preparation of estimates, payments etc.
  • Preparation and follow up of legal procedures
  • Repairs and conservation work
  • Services: cleaning, lift maintenance etc.
  • Management of services and furnishing of property (IRPF, IVA ...)
  • Negotiation of public acts and NIFs
  • Negotiation of public grants
  • Wording of rules and statutes
  • Book of the Building
  • Certificates of solidity
  • Building Maintenance:We make it our responsibility to contact the relevant industries or manufacturers needed to repair and carry out the necessary work for the conservation of the building.

Real Estate Mediating (API)

The accumulated experience and constant study of the property market allows us to offer an efficient service as much for the seller as for the buyer of the property for investment or for dwelling:

  • Buying and Selling
  • Flats
  • Buildings with or without tenants
  • Offices
  • Parking Places
  • Commercial Premises and Warehouses
  • Sites
  • Exchanges
  • Valuations
  • Cost Effectiveness Studies
  • Transfers
  • Legal Assesments


These days it is advisable to have real estate insured and we take responsibility of dealing with Insurance brokers to find the most suitable and cost effective insurance both for sole and communally owned properties:

  • Multirisk
  • Civil Responsibility
  • Fires
  • Damage follow up
  • Collection of compensation

Other services

FINCAS GUAL has a team of lawyers who can offer a complete assesment within the legal field of property law as well as realice numerous matters:

  • Inheritance declarations
  • Estate approval and inventories
  • Preparation of Wills and Last Wishes
  • Declaration of New Works
  • Divisions within Communally owned Property
  • Selling and Buying of property and exchanges
  • Administrative resources
  • Negotiation with Ownership Registry
  • Negotiation with Public Organisations